FREENESS!! Soho: The Negro Quarter of Central London 1919-1939


The lovely people at the Equiano Centre’s Drawing Over the Colour Line project have just completed new research into the cafes, bars and clubs of London’s Soho between the wars.

The map is wonderful insight into the diverse nightlife and cafe society of interwar Soho thought of as the negro quarter of central London” in the 1930s. 

It explores 13 venues, from the Florence Mills Social Parlour opened by Pan-Africanist political activist Amy Ashwood Garvey (first wife to Marcus and FEARLESS BOSS LADY!!) to the Cafe de Paris, at the time London’s most fashionable venue, frequented by the rich and royal. 

The map isn’t available to the public yet but they’ve let me a couple of copies to give away. If you’d like a one, drop me a line at and I’ll post it out to you. 

We all like a bit of freeness innit!?!

“About Soho we went before the light;
We went, unresting six, craving new fun;
New scenes, new raptures; for the fevered night
Of rollicking laughter; drink and song, was done.”
 - Claude McKay, La Paloma in London, 1922

Drawing over the Colour Line: Geographies of art and cosmopolitan politics in London, 1919 – 1939

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